Who We Are And What We Do



Birdie Bundle is an unparalleled golf membership/subscription service. In a nutshell, we are a membership/subscription service that does four things:

  • We are a specialty golf apparel subscription service with unparalleled customization. We have a 22 question quiz to get your styling, size and preferences exact.


  • We carry only top name brands and upcoming new innovative companies at 40-60% off retail pricing.
  • We offer exclusive golf logo merchandise from top resorts and golf destinations not offered elsewhere through our Premium Bundle.
  • We supply everyday golf necessities and accessories through our Primary Bundle.
  • We hand package the above bundles into a specific, tailored product built just for you, and deliver it in a convenient monthly, quarterly or seasonal subscription.  

    This kind of specialty service is what we pride ourselves on. This is all achieved through our online style profiler / product advisor. You simply answer a few questions, and we suggest the bundle that's best for you!


    Why Did We Start Birdie Bundle?

    We understand the convenience of online shopping, and believe online golf shoppers are not one dimensional. Online golf shoppers are:

    1. Contemporary.
    2. Sophisticated.
    3. Looking for value.
    4. Wanting convenience.

    We simple want to provide a better overall experience with products that encompasses all these things.

    Bringing the highest quality product and merchandise to you at the most convenient way possible. The foremost premium online subscription in the market. 

    (Payton W. working the PGA Show in Orlando, sourcing great merchandise for the Birdie Bundle)

    In a world where time is more valuable than ever and technology never stops improving, the world and it’s market are adapting to a provide more convenient, fast-paced lifestyle.

    Birdie Bundle is bringing this concept and value to the golf-sphere. No more parading around strip malls and outlet stores for your favorite brands. No more cutting coupons for your weekly golf consumables. No more search-engine browsing for latest golf trends. Birdie Bundle is doing all that for you.

    One website. One consistent monthly price. One package. EVERYTHING you need and want. Golf is a one-of-a-kind sport and with that brings a unique culture. This culture is world-wide and Birdie Bundle wants you to experience it.

    Birdie Bundle differentiates itself in the market for a multitude of reasons.

    Specificity; No other online company has a 13 point profile questionnaire. Creating an individualized profile lets us make sure we are sending exactly the products you’ll love and use, every time.

    Travel; No other company is working with the top golf resorts and destinations across the nation to encompass the culture of golf. The exclusivity and quality of our products is unparalleled.

    Variety; No other company uses a system to ensure you’re never getting repeat-products and that you collect something new and unique with each bundle.

    Quality; We are not just pushing our own brand. This isn’t an avenue for us to shuttle our own merchandise into your hands. You will get name-brand, top-tier merchandise, every single time. We even seek-out high quality brands emerging into the golf industry to keep your collection both professional, innovative, and modern.

    Learning Aids; Whether you’re a beginner golfer or an expert, we realize that real passion means always learning and always wanting to get better. Our site has online video-lessons to help improve your game from a number of different aspects. Our on-staff PGA Pro has taught over 25,000 lessons, and is offering that knowledge to you.